Where to eat the best pizza in Italy

The prestigious culinary guide Gambero Rosso has published its annual list places where to eat the best pizza in Italy. It has noticed that the pizza scene is changing for the best as more young pizzaioli, as pizza makers are called in Italian, are setting up businesses and experimenting with high quality local ingredients. The humble Italian flatbread is becoming fashionable and rather sophisticated featuring on some trendy restaurants’ menu.

The Gambero Rosso lists several categories: Napoli-style pizza (deep-dish), thin pizza, gourmet pizza naming 54 addresses across Italy as the top pizza makers (they receive the Tre Spicchi  (“three slices”) distinction). The region of Campania has the highest number of winners, followed by Tuscany and Lazio. So next time you are heading to Il Bel Paese make sure you check the list of the places where to eat the best pizza in Italy. Here is my quick pick from the Gambero Rosso’s list of the award-winning pizza joints.

best pizza in italy

Le Follie di Romualdo

Le Follie di Romualdo, Florence

Only high-quality flour is used here to make a great range of easy to digest (ask any Italian, it is one of the best compliments to a pizza) Napoli-style iconic dish. There are some interesting departures from traditions such as anchovies served on a separate plate, prawns with lard and truffles topping.

Le Follie di Romualdo, Viale Europa, 4-6, Florence


Da Attilio, Napoli

Open since 1938, this traditional eatery is famous  for its traditional hearty Napoletan dishes and exquisite pizza. Try their star-shaped pizza Carnevale with ricotta, sausage and fiordilatte cheese or pizza with endive and provola cheese.

Pizzeria Trattoria da Attilio, Via Pignasecca, 17, Naples

best pizza italy

Dry Cocktails & Pizza

Dry Cocktails & Pizza, Milan

A paradise for gourmet pizza lovers! The chef’s imagination knows no limits here: for toppings braised onions and endive are combines with sardines and smoked mozzarella, roasted tomatoes combined with smoked provola cheese and salads are served on a pizza base. To accompany this symphony of flavours pair your pizza with a cocktail.

Dry Cocktails & Pizza, Via Solferino, 33, Milan.

best pizza italy

In Fucina

In Fucina, Rome

Another great eatery for adventurous pizza lovers. All ingredients are sourced from small Italian producers, the flours used are stone-milled organic. The toppings vary with seasons and include such unexpected combinations as artisanal salami with hard-boiled eggs and asparagus, speck with ricotta cheese, buffalo mozzarella and pear mustard. The prices are high, starting at €20 for a pizza.

In Fucina, Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25, Rome.

Featured image by Pizzeria Trattoria Da Attilio

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