Nature Walks Around Florence

Florence is a great destination not only for art and architecture lovers. Hiking near Florence is fantastic as there are also many great nature walks around the city. The province of Florence has just launched a new website with detailed descriptions of 60 itineraries in 15 protected areas.

The walks are listed in different categories: on foot, on horseback, on bicycle, as suitable for disabled, elderly and children. Although the website is in Italian, it should be easy enough to understand the walking routes with the help of the maps. When you go to the page for each itinerary click on the red button “Esplora la Mappa” and it will open the map. You can also download the directions on the GPS or smartphone.


Near the city of Florence, about an hour and a half on foot, are the picturesque hills of Montececeri where in 1506 were held field trials of the “flying machine” designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The website has a few itineraries for that area.

For those fit walkers there are many long itineraries, such as a beautiful 6-hours walk that goes through forests along the ancient road called “Reggellese” that was used for many centuries by merchants.

Find all walking trails near Florence here.

Photo by Andreas Jungherr. Featured image by Fattoria Di Maiano/Facebook.

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